Who is Hammar Posse?

Contrasts are what unites us people. With her ceramics, Lisa Hammar Posse wants to make art that touch but which is also in time in color and shape. She shows that in spite of our external differences, we are all shaped in the same form, the human being. Her artwork has all different surface layers, shaped by the original conditions of manufacture. She is originally a florist and has always been inspired by the creative process. Lisa creates her craft at a cottage; Klackebo, which is located in a fantastic forest environment, where there is also the opportunity to see her art.


Best Regards
Lisa Hammar Posse

0704 – 78 41 93


Shop and Studio

Klackebo 105

57°09’28.6″N 12°50’54.6″E
57.157944, 12.848495